WaaS - Download Drivers from Vendor (Internet)

Hey Team, I've been working on updating our methods for populating Drivers / BIOS into ConfigMgr [Scripts here on GitHub] and thought, it's basically the same script to download them directly onto a machine and extract as it is to download the driver packs to the source server for a CM Package. So with a ... Read more WaaS - Download Drivers from Vendor (Internet)

Task Sequence Deployment - Popups

So you're using at Task Sequence to deploy something other than an Operating System, but it's really important, and you want the popups for "High Risk" like you do with in place upgrades. NOTE: Setting "High Risk" on your TS Properties will move the Deployment in the software center from the Applications Tab, to the ... Read more Task Sequence Deployment - Popups

CI to Monitor Path Variable

As mentioned in Previous Post, we've had upgrades fail due to non-standard path variables. I've created a CI that captures the path and looks for specific things then reports Compliant, or reports the issue, which we track with reports.  We use this in our PreAssessment / PreFlight Rules, so if this is Non-Compliant, it prevents ... Read more CI to Monitor Path Variable