HP CMSL - ConfigMgr CIs

Updated 2020.04.20 - Added CI's to support HPCMSL PowerShell Module from Gallery. - More Info at Bottom. [GITHUB LINK] Updated 2019.12.25 - More Examples at bottom... because it's Christmas, and I just enjoy sitting on my couch with my kids while they watch a children's Christmas Movie, and I can play with my CM Lab. ... Read more

Download & Install the Latest HP Script Library via Powershell

This is my initial script, still working on the part that will update the Application in CM, but for now, I am going to post this.  If you use HP hardware, you NEED to learn these tools. https://developers.hp.com/hp-client-management/doc/client-management-script-library What the script does, downloads the XML information from HP, looks up the latest version of the ... Read more