Low Space on EFI (System) Partition – Clean up

Hey folks, this seems like a topic that keeps coming up, despite the fact I had assumed everyone was creating large EFI volumes (984MB) by now, but I keep finding folks who have 100MB and run into issues. Recent email from customer: GitHub Code: garytown/CM_PowerShell_Snips/SystemVolumeBinFiles.ps1 Microsoft Method for Cleanup: “We couldn’t update system reserved partition” … Read more

OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – Offline – HPIA Repo on NAS / FileShare

From Series: OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – an Overview – Page has link to GitHub & TS Exports So in this blog series, now we’re moving to hosting the HP Softpaqs (Driver / Firmware etc Updates) ourselves, on our network, so we don’t need to download from HP, saving bandwidth, hopefully time, and having … Read more

Secure Wipe with SDELETE revisited

So many years ago I blogged about using sdelete to run a secure wipe task task squence. Secure Wipe with logging using ConfigMgr Task Sequence – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog Since then, I’ve updated it a bit, and I’m reposting and uploading the Task Sequence. There are no packages associated with it, all content it needs … Read more

Updating HP Docks with Intune or ConfigMgr using PowerShell

TLDR: Function on GitHub | ConfigMgr CI / Intune PR Script on GitHub So I’m going to cover several docks in one process. I originally started out with supporting the HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock, but I ended up going down a rabbit hole and adding several with the collaboration of my coworker Dan Felman. … Read more