Windows SafeGuard Hold ID Lookup – Crowd sourced

Hey Team, I’m working on building out a safeguard hold database to easy lookup safeguard hold IDs. Currently I’ve scratched together 100 safeguard hold ids with information. What is a Safe Guard hold? Microsoft uses quality and compatibility data to identify issues that might cause a Windows client feature update to fail or roll back. … Read more

OSD Builder in a Task Sequence

Why would you do this? OSD Builder is completely capable of automation, creating scripts that can do all of this, and run via scheduled tasks. So why shoe horn it into a Task Sequence? Task Sequences are very comforting to me. They are powerful, have amazing amounts of flexibility, they manage the flow of content, … Read more

Windows 10 Upgrade – Custom Action Scripts

Updated and More Detailed Page here: Windows Upgrade Custom Action Scripts ( Custom Action Scripts were new in Windows 10 1803. My Buddy Adam wrote up a great overview, so I’m not going to replicate that hard work, please check it out at his Blog.Also, this is going to cover the SetupRollback.cmd file CM uses … Read more

WaaS TS Download

Initial Release of the 1909 TS Collection on 2019.12.02. Several changes from the last time published. This also incorporates the updated Pre-Caching Process for Drivers & Language Packs. I still need to blog the Language Pack process, but time is a luxury I rarely have for blogging. More details about the overall process can be … Read more