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Initial Release of the 1909 TS Collection on 2019.12.02. Several changes from the last time published. This also incorporates the updated Pre-Caching Process for Drivers & Language Packs. I still need to blog the Language Pack process, but time is a luxury I rarely have for blogging. More details about the overall process can be found HERE (the 1809 WaaS Process)

WaaS 1909 TS Collection v2019.12.02 (3400 downloads)

Some Changes... the ones I could remember... full change logs are in the download, and it's rather extensive, so here is a short manual version.


  • CompatScan TS Change
    • Changed Behavior to Skip running the TS the machine was already on 1809. (Adding Group w/ Condition)
    • Changed Steps that called powershell.exe to use full path.
    • Added Steps to Cleanup Registry Keys that MIGHT have been created on Previous runs
    • Added section for Logging on Failure
    • Added SetupDiag on Failure (Embedded PS Script)
    • Changed Reporting Script (Process CompatScan Results) into an embedded Script
    • Changed "Copy Logs to Server" Script to be embedded and modifed Script.
  • Upgrade TS Change
    • Changed Steps that called powershell.exe to use full path.
    • Added section for Logging on Failure
    • Added SetupDiag Always Runs (Embedded PS Script)
    • Changed "Copy Logs to Server" Script to be embedded and modifed Script.


  • Package Change
    • Tools & Scripts Package
      • RollbackRecovery.ps1
        • Added SetupDiag Tool (Requires Setup Diag in c:\programdata\WaaS, which would be added during PreCache)
        • Added Repair for CMClient if WMI issue
        • Added additional Logging for the above mentioned items.


  • Lots of changes, so many I honestly don't recall them all.. but I'll name a few
    • Changed to 1909 and confirmed it all worked. Yippy!
    • Main Upgrade TS… added folder near start of TS which will only run if.. NOT Deployment_Success or 1909… prevent the TS re-running again on accident if deployed again.. it happens
    • Worked on Replacing the Error handing that Adam Gross blogged about with a completely powershell modular replacement.
    • Added Inventory 2.1 script which records additional items as well as runs SetupDiag and writes to WaaS\SetupDiag\BuildNumber Key
    • More things… but I don't remember right now…
Image of Setup Diag Running post upgrade and capturing data to registry
It still works! And since everything is dynamic, the messages all updated automatically for 1909, only have to change the initial SMSTS_Build variable.
Same Keys created for reporting... expect some changes over the next few months to this as we add more things.
Added SetupDiag results, so now each upgrade you'll have the setupdiag detailed information for each upgrade, I plan to leverage this information more in the future.

Ok, hope this helps and you find it useful. Please continue to provide feedback.


5 thoughts on “WaaS 1909 TS Download”

  1. First, thanks for the update. This is incredible work and even outside the actual product, the processes and strategies are very enlightening.
    So, color me crazy...there is a new package and reference, OSD Library, but there is not content in the zip for that package. I tried to go through all the pages prior to posting to see if anyone else had run into this with no luck. Is there a separate download for this content?

    • Thanks for catching that. OSD Library is a separate module I'm working on, mostly for demos and blogging of how to dynamically do different settings. I forgot that was referenced. You can feel free to remove those referenced steps in the TS, and I'll remove it from the export in future uploads.

  2. First, thanks for all your contributions! Quick question, there are packages in the zip and also the packages inside the TS export. With the duplicates, are the versions the same? Should one use the ones imported from the TS's or overwrite with those from the Packages folder?


    • When I export TS, I only export references, because I don't want to export the upgrade media and other items. I only then export a few packages that you really need. Honestly, if you already imported the package references with the TS, I'd just crack open the packages and copy the content to your source. no need to re-import the packages.

  3. Gary, you have been such a fantastic source of information as we continually work to improve our SCCM infrastructure. We are a two-person team, 4000 workstations, 6 servers (MP, DP, etc.). No third party plugins. We did the Win10 upgrade compatibility checks in large part by hand. That, along with so many other unnecessarily redundant tasks, have been added to SCCM.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. Looking forward to more adventures in 2020!


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