Windows SafeGuard Hold ID Lookup – Crowd sourced

Hey Team, I’m working on building out a safeguard hold database to easy lookup safeguard hold IDs. Currently I’ve scratched together 100 safeguard hold ids with information. What is a Safe Guard hold? Microsoft uses quality and compatibility data to identify issues that might cause a Windows client feature update to fail or roll back. … Read more

Windows 11 Safe Guard Hold ID 40667045

Secure Launch data not migrated on IceLake(Client), TigerLake, AlderLake devices (Wu Offer Block) TLDR: GitHub Script (Please read comments): Bandaid-40667045.ps1 I’ve found that you need to disable System Guard, both set it to disabled and ensure it’s not running. I’ve heard people having issues having it disable, even if they set it to disable.. you … Read more

HPCMSL – New-HPDriverPack

HP is about to release an update to the HP Client Management Script Library, (1.6.5) and with it, a new Commandlet, New-HPDriverPack. This fills a void with driver packs that has been plaguing us for years. The issue HP tackled? Stale driver packs! Typically driver packs get updated… rarely, lets go with that, but individual … Read more

SetupComplete.cmd & Related Registry Values

Ever wonder what triggers the SetupComplete.cmd file after Windows Installs / Windows Upgrades? It’s actually just a couple of registry values. When you run an upgrade, you can use the postoobe switch to set that value to a different location, which is what ConfigMgr does to use it’s own custom SetupComplete.cmd file. Lets now consider … Read more