Windows 11 Safe Guard Hold ID 40667045

Secure Launch data not migrated on IceLake(Client), TigerLake, AlderLake devices (Wu Offer Block)

TLDR: GitHub Script (Please read comments): Bandaid-40667045.ps1

I’ve found that you need to disable System Guard, both set it to disabled and ensure it’s not running. I’ve heard people having issues having it disable, even if they set it to disable.. you could then try to disable a pre-req in the BIOS, like TXT for example, and then try again to disable in Windows and run the upgrade. Please leave comments if you find any more info.

Additional details:

Safe Guard Hold Data:

Safe Guard in Registry:

I found this on my machines where I had System Guard configured and set to Enabled, but for some reason it was not running… perhaps McAfee or Symantec or other 3rd Party security disabling it…

You can see in Windows Security that it’s configured, but it’s Off.

I confirm in Registry, it’s set to be ON

Confirmed again in MSInfo32

So I changed those registry values to 0, triggered the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser, and the Safeguard went away.

Ok, This is NOT a long term fix, and maybe not even a fix, I’m just putting my test results out there for you to look at play with. Hopefully MS releases more info soon.

I wrote a script that checks and makes the changes for you, look at top of post for link to github.


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