WaaS TS Download

Initial Release of the 1909 TS Collection on 2019.12.02. Several changes from the last time published. This also incorporates the updated Pre-Caching Process for Drivers & Language Packs. I still need to blog the Language Pack process, but time is a luxury I rarely have for blogging. More details about the overall process can be … Read more

Low Space on EFI (System) Partition – Clean up

Hey folks, this seems like a topic that keeps coming up, despite the fact I had assumed everyone was creating large EFI volumes (984MB) by now, but I keep finding folks who have 100MB and run into issues. Recent email from customer: GitHub Code: garytown/CM_PowerShell_Snips/SystemVolumeBinFiles.ps1 Microsoft Method for Cleanup: “We couldn’t update system reserved partition” … Read more


HP BIOS Configuration Utility (BCU) has been around since longer than I’ve been a system administrator, I can’t find the exact date it was released, but it’s been around for a while. Back in 2022, HP deprecated it and said no development was going to be made moving forward. Well, HP decided to continue supporting … Read more