Test Low Disk Space / Create Large Test File

So I stole this code from my friend Keith G, who provided it to assist with testing scenarios to see if our safe guards would work.
Basically, the 1 line command will check your drive, then create a dynamically sized file to leave “XX” GB remaining.  In my command, I leave only 15GB Free, which is low enough to trigger a failure on our in place upgrades.  Then I can test to make sure the the IPU TS fails the way I expect, running the proper remediation steps, and records the metrics for reporting.

Code: (run in elevated PowerShell Console)

So I made it into an App, I’ve added a few items into the app model to allow me to “install” it quickly on a machine to test failure scenarios.

App Code:

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ConfigMgr Lab - Adding Ninite Apps

So you have a Personal ConfigMgr lab, but you want to add some app deployments to better simulate your actual environment.  So you add Chrome, Reader, and a couple others (NOT JAVA).  Next Month, they are out of date.  You probably don’t have time to keep your personal lab app deployments updated, so you keep deploying old versions.  How about, you leverage ninite.com’s ability to dynamically install the latest version of the app every time?  Now you're asking, "Isn't the command line version that supports silent install cost money?"  Yes, yes, it does, to use ninite’s silent install, you need the Pro version.  What, you don't want to pay for pro when it’s your personal lab?  I hear you.  Powershell to the rescue!  It doesn’t make it completely silent, but it will allow you to automate it to work with the ConfigMgr App Model during OSD and Post OSD.

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Dell PowerShell Provider Install w/ ConfigMgr

I just created an App for the Dell PowerShell Provider 1.3.0, was able to learn what I needed from Mike’s Blog (THANK YOU). I thought I’d add a cmd file install for 1.3.0 and do a more graphical walk through (I’m a visual guy). To get the download, go HERE (DellCommandPowerShellProvider1.3_259.zip) Download, grab the DellBIOSProvider ... Read moreDell PowerShell Provider Install w/ ConfigMgr

AppV for Windows 10 1607–Update Packages / Enable in Windows

I’m going to cover two topics, both updating your old Packages to install without error on 1607, and how to enable AppV in 1607 with Powershell / AppModel Deployment. We have a few AppV Packages that we use, when doing inplace upgrade from 1511 –> 1607, it automatically enables the new AppV that’s built into ... Read moreAppV for Windows 10 1607–Update Packages / Enable in Windows