HPCMSL - New-HPDriverPack

HP is about to release an update to the HP Client Management Script Library, (1.6.5) and with it, a new Commandlet, New-HPDriverPack. This fills a void with driver packs that has been plaguing us for years. The issue HP tackled? Stale driver packs! Typically driver packs get updated... rarely, lets go with that, but individual ... Read more

OSD Builder in a Task Sequence

Why would you do this? OSD Builder is completely capable of automation, creating scripts that can do all of this, and run via scheduled tasks. So why shoe horn it into a Task Sequence? Task Sequences are very comforting to me. They are powerful, have amazing amounts of flexibility, they manage the flow of content, ... Read more

Finding Task Sequences referenced by Applications or Packages

First off, Thanks to Adam for getting me 80% of the way there: https://www.asquaredozen.com/2019/02/04/finding-configmgr-task-sequences-with-invalid-references/ But I wanted to find the Task Sequences that referenced a specific Application. So in my case, I want to Delete Google Chrome, no point with the New Edge, right? Lets find those TS references: First we need to grab the ... Read more