OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – Online – Grab Content from HP Servers

From Series: OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – an Overview – Page has link to GitHub & TS Exports In this post, I’m going to cover the most basic use of using HPIA in a task sequence, and running the defaults, pulling the latest content from HP’s cloud servers. This is similar to Microsoft’s autopatch. … Read more

OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – an Overview

I’m revisiting using HP Image Assistant or HPIA as we call it, during OSD in a Task Sequence. I’ve previous posted a method here: Deploying HP Driver Updates with Image Assistant and ConfigMgr Task Sequences – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog Recommended Reading: HPIA’s User Guide, get to know your command line options Task Sequence Exports: GitHub … Read more

ARM64 – Creating your WinPE

TLDR: Script on GitHub: garytown/OSD/ARM64/Create-WinPEARM64.ps1 NOTE, this will be the first of a few posts dealing with my ARM devices experience. I now have a single ARM test device (consumer grade Samsung Galaxy Book Go – NP340XLA-KA1US) and hopefully a MS Surface device soon, and eventually some yet to be released HP devices. Future posts … Read more