OSD Partition Setup, Mike Terrill Edition (The Optimized Way).

Update 2022.09.29 - Summary of Partitions.  EFI needs to be larger to hold more firmware updates, and larger updates. EFI: 496MB MSR: 128MB Windows (Primary): Remaining Recovery: 984MB If you download the Import at the end, adjust the EFI to match the new guidance. Original Post below which explains how to set the Windows Partition ... Read more

So long MDT, Native CM* for Me

*With a few parts of MDT salvaged from the garbage heap. UPDATE: 2018.12.24 - I've now replaced MDT Lite's gather with a powershell gather script from TechNet. Ok, MDT is still a good product if you’re using it to deploy an OS only. (And if you’re doing a build and capture, personally I still like ... Read more

Replace MDT with MDT Lite

Quick Technical Post on how to create your own slim MDT Lite Package (Gather, BGInfo, ServiceUI) without having to integrate MDT into your environment…. Ok, After I wrote this, I found that Gerry Hampson already blogged this…however his blog is blocked on my internet (*.BlogSpot.com) so that’s why I didn’t find it.  Thanks to @ccmexec ... Read more

“Fix Windows ADK version 1809 issue with crashing WPF applications” during a Task Sequence

Ok, so basically this information is completely stolen from Nickolaj Anderson, Twitter: @NickolajA, the files required and original blog post and credit can be found HERE. I even stole 75% of the blog post title. I recommend you read that if you haven’t as it gives more detailed information to what is actually going on.   ... Read more