Task Sequence Troubleshooting – Log Gather

TLDR Script used to gather important logs and information during OSD for Troubleshooting:GitHub: garytown/OSD/OSDLogGather.ps1 at master NOTE, use this for troubleshooting only, don’t run on every device. This does capture sensitive information you would not want to leave on a device after deployment. I was recently assisting someone who was having issues with domain join. … Read more

KB5025885: Dealing with CVE-2023-24932 for your ConfigMgr boot images.

Update 9/19/23. Updated ADK Released! https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/get-started/adk-install#download-the-adk-for-windows-11-version-22h2-updated-september-2023 I recently wrote a post for how to apply the remediation in Windows after the May updates, this post now goes on to cover how to update your ADK Winpe.wim file then reload your CM Media to allow it to continue to boot. (ADK = Win11 22H2) References: High … Read more