Finding Task Sequences referenced by Applications or Packages

First off, Thanks to Adam for getting me 80% of the way there: But I wanted to find the Task Sequences that referenced a specific Application. So in my case, I want to Delete Google Chrome, no point with the New Edge, right? Lets find those TS references: First we need to grab the ... Read more

WaaS 1809 TS Collection (1909 tested)

Update 2019.12.02 - Minor updates to the TS and Scripts.  Variables changed for 1909 and confirmed fine. - Check out more info HERE OK, because I don’t have time to explain everything right now, but I know some people are eager to play with what they saw at MMS… here is the download. For Documentation ... Read more

OSD Partition Setup, Mike Terrill Edition (The Optimized Way).

Update 2022.09.29 - Summary of Partitions.  EFI needs to be larger to hold more firmware updates, and larger updates. EFI: 496MB MSR: 128MB Windows (Primary): Remaining Recovery: 984MB If you download the Import at the end, adjust the EFI to match the new guidance. Original Post below which explains how to set the Windows Partition ... Read more