BGInfo Bug (and more) in ADK 24H2 – Fix

Update 24.7.11 – Go to bottom to see other bugs I’ve found.

Hey folks, I like to use BGInfo in my task sequence to display useful information about the machine and process running, but in ADK 24H2, I found that it wasn’t displaying. I had to make the screen refresh for it to show. Since it’s hard to explain, I made a video:

Ok, the fix was to force a refresh of the screen, so I have resolved this two ways. One was to just add a few lines into the PowerShell script I use to trigger BGInfo, the other way was to add a step into the Task Sequence to force the refresh.

We will stop the process wallpaperhost and restart it to refresh the screen

stop-process -name "WallpaperHost"

And with that little bit of code and step added after BGInfo step, you are all set.

For anyone using my BGInfo steps that are all hosted on GitHub, to clean things up, I removed this step and added that code into my overall script:

My Step is pulling the script from GitHub and running:

And with that, now BGInfo is working as expected again in ADK 24H2.

I’ve run into other issues in the ADK as well, it’s been a pain: Basically some of the DISM commandlets in PowerShell don’t work when you are deploying any OS older than 24H2. Feel free to click on the link and follow the string…

Gary Blok [GARYTOWN.COM] on X: “@jarwidmark @mniehaus @miketerrill ADK 24H2 – DISM PowerShell Commandlet issues Have you seen issues with a few PS functions in the new ADK? I’ve had to go back to using DISM.EXE for several things.” / X


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