WaaS 1809 TS Collection

OK, because I don’t have time to explain everything right now, but I know some people are eager to play with what they saw at MMS… here is the download.

For Documentation, please continue to monitor the "WaaS" Page which I will continue to update with links as I blog each module.

19 Task Sequences, Several packages.. it’s here…

WaaS 1809 TS Collection v2019.05.22 (525 downloads)

I’ll be slowly posting information about this, which a deeper dive about the task sequences and how they work.

What’s included:  These TSs & Required Content (Minus the Upgrade Media)

  1. Pre-Cache Compat Scan TS:  This is the TS that you’d run first to get the content downloaded, and pull back information about the Compatibility Scan.
  2. In Place Upgrade TS: This TS runs the actual Upgrade.  It also adds several nested TSs to do various tasks, including setup Rollback & OS Uninstall protections.
  3. OS Uninstall TS: This TS allows you to go back to previous version of Windows 10.  It requires that you have done pre-work in the down level OS to make this work, which is already built into the OS Upgrade TS I’m supplying.. Blog: WaaS IPU – OSUninstall Module
  4. DeBug Mode TS:  This is used for troubleshooting your Task Sequences… Blog: Building a Better Debug Task Sequence
  5. Pre-Assessment & PreFlight Baseline & CIs... Blog: WaaS PreAssessment & PreFlight using Config Items

Major Changes from the last WaaS Task sequences I’ve posted

  • No longer using “SetOSDInfo” Script, now just writing information to the registry along the way, which then gets grabbed by hardware inventory.  I’ll try to blog this as well eventually.
  • Heavy use of Sub Task Sequences
  • Rollback Recovery / OS Uninstall
  • Splash Screen and other End User Experience enhancements.
  • Baseline Cab to import (Required for the PreFlight)
  • PRE-REQS: CM 1902 Client on Machine running IPU

Ok, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions.. however I’ll try to answer them when I get time.  I’ll be slowly working on detailed information to blog about the process and task sequences, just might be awhile.

YouTube Demo Videos:



So, now that all makes sense. Here is a list of the Nested Task Sequences called during the upgrade process.

  1. Splash Screen - Blogged: Windows Splash Screen for the Task Sequence Progress
    1. Kicks off that nifty Task Sequence Splash Screen
  2. PreFlights. - Blogged: WaaS PreAssessment & PreFlight using Config Items
    1. Execution and Internal Hard Blocker check
  3. CleanUp - Blogged: Clean Up Storage Pre Upgrade
    1. Triggered if less than 20GB free then runs random tasks to free up space
  4. Lock Screen Pre: Windows 10 Lock Screen
    1. Sets the Lock Screen image to “Upgrading” also sets Legal Text
    2. Creates a scheduled task to clean up the lock screen and legal text
  5. Recovery Rollback Pre: WaaS IPU - Rollback Recovery Module
    1. Copies scripts local for remediation
    2. Creates scheduled tasks that trigger to remediate Rollback
  6. OS Uninstall Pre: WaaS IPU – OSUninstall Module
    1. Creates scheduled tasks that trigger during OS Uninstall
    2. Creates other registry values required for the process
  7. Driver Variables: WaaS IPU - Rollback Recovery Module
    1. Maps Model of machine to Package of Drivers
  8. Download Driver Package
    1. Downloads the package of drivers evaluated from the last TS
  9. Pre Upgrade
    1. Runs Steps needed before the upgrade (disable 3rd Security, etc)
  10. Post Upgrade
    1. Runs Steps for remediating / restoring “stuff” after upgrade
  11. Post Upgrade Build #
    1. Similar to last, but these “fixes” are build specific
  12. Win 10 Customizations
    1. Lots of tweaks and mods to brand your machine
  13. Lock Screen Post
    1. Cleans up the Lock Screen image set before IPU
  14. OS Uninstall Post
    1. Removes the Scheduled Tasks needed for OS Uninstall
    2. Sets the OS Uninstall Window to 15 days (Default is 10)
  15. Recovery Rollback Post
    1. Removes the scripts & tasks needed for recovery
  16. Legal Text
    1. creates scheduled tasks to set the legal text to “Upgrade Successful” and back to the default.

So that's a VERY HIGH Level of the WaaS IPU Task Sequence and all the Nested Task Sequences called during the process.


7 thoughts on “WaaS 1809 TS Collection”

  1. This is an *INCREDIBLE* set of powerful TS/imaging templates. Thank you for sharing these. They have been immensely helpful!

  2. Wheeeeee!!! I've been looking forward to this Gary. I don't get to go to MMS but I try to follow along as much as possible. 🙂

  3. Good Stuff, I love it....
    For the PostUpgrade 1809, do you have specific fixes for 1803? Just curious since that's what we are going to right now.

    • Sorry, I haven't done any testing at all with 1803. Pretty sure the ones I've got for 1809 will be need for 1803 as well, if you're coming from 1709.

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