HP Download BIOS and Update CM Packages

Just did this with Dell, now it’s HP’s turn, wrote a script that checks our HP BIOS packages in CM, then compares to what HP has available and updates accordingly.

If you haven’t noticed… I’m in the middle of automating updating our CM Packages …

I’m not going to go into much detail, look at the Dell versions for more info
Post HERE: https://garytown.com/dell-bios-download-and-update-cm-package


You'll need to update several variables in the script, like FileServer, Package IDs, etc.  Please read through the script before running.
Table of models that I'm currently downloading BIOS for, you'll need to update for your environment. (You'll need the HP Product Code, that's what the HP Tools use).
Sorry, notes in the script are a bit lacking.



Email Report:


Requires HP Script Library: https://developers.hp.com/hp-client-management/doc/client-management-script-library

My Post on Scripted Install: https://garytown.com/download-install-the-latest-hp-script-library-via-powershell





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  1. Can you tell me how to find the model/product ID info for my specific models? I ran the ps command to get the ProdID but the UpdateRepos script errors out saying it cannot find a data file.


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