Download & Install the Latest HP Script Library via Powershell

This is my initial script, still working on the part that will update the Application in CM, but for now, I am going to post this.  If you use HP hardware, you NEED to learn these tools.

What the script does, downloads the XML information from HP, looks up the latest version of the Tools, then downloads and installs.  You can set it to Download to Server Location or Local via Param.

Changes you should change…

  • Update Proxy Info (or remove)
  • Server Location for Download

Parameters: RunMethod & Install

  • RunMethod = Local or Server
    • Local downloads the EXE to local temp folder
    • Server downloads to Server Path
  • Install = True or False
    • True = It installs on the machine you’re running script
    • False = Downloads only


Here is how it looks in the Programs & Features.. note the version does NOT match the XML version.  I was told by HP I could drop the last .X from the version safely, making the version 1.2.1






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