OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – Online – Grab Content from HP Servers

From Series: OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – an Overview – Page has link to GitHub & TS Exports In this post, I’m going to cover the most basic use of using HPIA in a task sequence, and running the defaults, pulling the latest content from HP’s cloud servers. This is similar to Microsoft’s autopatch. … Read more

OSD HP Image Assistant Revisited – an Overview

I’m revisiting using HP Image Assistant or HPIA as we call it, during OSD in a Task Sequence. I’ve previous posted a method here: Deploying HP Driver Updates with Image Assistant and ConfigMgr Task Sequences – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog Recommended Reading: HPIA’s User Guide, get to know your command line options Task Sequence Exports: GitHub … Read more

HP Dock ConfigMgr Global Condition

This post I’m going to cover creating a Global Condition to detect if HP Docks are connected to a Windows Device. This will make targeting the HP Dock Update Application possible, which I’ll cover in the next post. TLDR: Global Condition on GitHub: ConfigMgr_HPDock_GlobalCondition.ps1 I’m going to assume you already know about Global Conditions and … Read more