Windows 10 Upgrade – Custom Action Scripts

Updated and More Detailed Page here: Windows Upgrade Custom Action Scripts ( Custom Action Scripts were new in Windows 10 1803. My Buddy Adam wrote up a great overview, so I’m not going to replicate that hard work, please check it out at his Blog.Also, this is going to cover the SetupRollback.cmd file CM uses … Read more

Task Sequence Deployment – Popups

So you’re using at Task Sequence to deploy something other than an Operating System, but it’s really important, and you want the popups for “High Risk” like you do with in place upgrades. NOTE: Setting “High Risk” on your TS Properties will move the Deployment in the software center from the Applications Tab, to the … Read more

Driver Pack Mapping and Pre-Cache v2

I blogged awhile back about how we were pre-caching drivers… and it worked… until it didn’t. NOTE, I have a script on GITHUB that creates all of the Driver Packages with the Program, check it out. Bug: after updating driver source and bumping content, we had issues.  So we re-worked it and modified the idea … Read more