CCMCache Compliance for ConfigMgr Task Sequence Referenced Packages

You ever wonder if all your packages in your TS are cached? How about a Configuration Item that checks for all of the references in the Task Sequence, then checks the CM Cache to see if there are there? Sure, lets do that.

Script for CI on GITHUB HERE (includes Detection Method & Discovery Script)

These first group of images are the CI. Later, I’ll show it in action.

Ok, so that’s the CI, I have it deployed to the same collection that i Have my Upgrade Task Sequence deployed to, which happens to be Package ID: PS200081

Here you can see the Baseline ran and is non-compliant, due to the machine missing 3 referenced packages in the cache that are required for the task sequence.

Then I ran a “PreCache” Task Sequence that downloaded rest of the content into the Cache:

Then I checked the Baseline again.

You can now see the Baseline is compliant, and the custom log I create shows the results of the referenced content, and the cache info.

Things to note, Applications don’t work this way, there isn’t a way to map the refrenced applications in a TS back to the Cache, you’d have to create a separate CI (or add a section in the script) to look for the Application Content in the cache.

I wrote a similar CI that looks for Application Content for our M365 deployment, you can find that CI on GitHub HERE

Hit me up if you’d like me to blog confirming applications in CCMCache.


5 thoughts on “CCMCache Compliance for ConfigMgr Task Sequence Referenced Packages”

    • There isn’t a log on the client to show missing references. What I’m doing is looking at a Task Sequence, digging through the policy, looking for referenced items in the TS, the comparing to the CCMCache. Is there something you’re trying to accomplish that this script doesn’t do?

    • The log that it generates shows you the items that are not in the cache.
      The script, check where $LogFile points. That is where you can find the log

  1. This is next level stuff. I am immediately leveraging this CI. Why this isn’t already built in to task sequence reporting is beyond me.


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