So long MDT, Native CM* for Me

*With a few parts of MDT salvaged from the garbage heap. UPDATE: 2018.12.24 – I’ve now replaced MDT Lite’s gather with a powershell gather script from TechNet. Ok, MDT is still a good product if you’re using it to deploy an OS only. (And if you’re doing a build and capture, personally I still like … Read more

Replace MDT with MDT Lite

UPDATE.. if you’re looking to get variables, just use Johan’s Gather Script: Onevinn – Scripts ( Save yourself a ton of time.  I’ve moved all of my task sequences to using that to gather basic variables. Quick Technical Post on how to create your own slim MDT Lite Package (Gather, BGInfo, ServiceUI) without having to … Read more

Task Sequence Variables

Update 2018.12.24 – Johan Schrewelius has updated the gather.ps1 script on Technet .He has added several more variables, including the ones I was still needing to completely move away from MDT.  I’ve updated the screen captures to included the additional variables. 2024.4.5 – Updated variable script here: Gather-Script-For-ConfigMgr-TS/Gather.ps1 at main · Josch62/Gather-Script-For-ConfigMgr-TS ( —- Recently … Read more

BGinfo Updating MDT Default Templates

If you use MDT, then you’re familiar with their use of changing the background and adding system information during the OSD process.  This is pretty handy to get some basic info, but with a little tweaking, you can add additional data that can be very useful to make visible during OSD.

Basics, the required files used during this process are stored here: MDT Package\Tools\x64 & x86


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