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If you have HP Devices (and you should), you probably have used HPIA. HPIA is a tool that will scan your computer for updates and other recommendations and apply them (and it will do a lot more). This tool has extensive command line parameters, which I like. Check out the User Guide’s Command Line area.

I use HPIA in a lot of my solutions, even written a module for OSDCloud to update HP Devices. For now though, I’m using in in a Run Script… pushing the limits of the Run Script.

You can grab the Script on my GitHub: Run-HPIA.ps1

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When you create it the Run Script, make sure you add LISTs for the Parameters, to make it easy to run exactly what you want, and not have user error.

I ran it on a machine I just re-imaged.. it took about 15 minutes.

There is a lot of information there, and if you want to see cleaner info, you can always look at the logs on the endpoint.

I also added the ability to have the device restart after you run HPIA, but I’m not going to demo that here.

And Extra Log is available in C:\ProgramData\HP\Logs\Run-HPIA.log


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  1. Hi,

    it really seems an awsome script. I’m trying to import it to SCCM. How did you get the selection list for the params required ?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Hi, as always a cool idea and a cool script! Thanks!

    I added the following parts, in case someone is interested…
    Right after the CMTraceLog-function and the “intro” lines:

    # Check HP Device
    Try {
    $Manufacturer = (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem).Manufacturer
    If (!(($Manufacturer -like “HP*”) -or ($Manufacturer -like “Hewlett-*”))) {
    CMTraceLog –Message “Manufacturer not HP. Exit Script.” –Component “Preparation” -Type 3
    Write-Host “Manufacturer not HP. Exit script.” -ForegroundColor Red
    } Else {
    CMTraceLog –Message “Manufacturer HP detected. Continue.” –Component “Preparation” -Type 1
    Write-Host “Manufacturer HP detected. Continue.” -ForegroundColor Green
    Catch {
    CMTraceLog –Message “Failed to to get Manufacturer. Exit script.” –Component “Preparation” -Type 3
    Write-Host “Failed to to get Manufacturer. Exit script.” -ForegroundColor Red

    # Get latest HPIA Info
    # Set proxy settings
    $Proxy = “”
    $Username = “”
    $Password = ConvertTo-SecureString ‘password’ -AsPlainText -Force
    $Credentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential (“$Username”, $Password)

    $HTML = Invoke-WebRequest –Uri $HPIAWebUrl -Proxy $Proxy -ProxyCredential $Credentials –ErrorAction Stop

    ## Suspend BitLocker if Category BIOS is selected
    If (($Category -eq “BIOS”) -and ($Action -eq “Install”)) {
    CMTraceLog -Message “Category $Category and Action $Action selected. Try to suspend BitLocker.” -Component “Preparation” -Type 2
    Write-Host “Category $Category and Action $Action selected. Try to suspend BitLocker.” -ForegroundColor Yellow
    Try {
    $BitLocker = Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint c:
    CMTraceLog -Message “BitLocker ProtectionStatus is $($BitLocker.ProtectionStatus)” -Component “Preparation” -Type 1
    Write-Host “BitLocker ProtectionStatus is $BitLocker” -ForegroundColor Green

    Try {
    $BitLocker | Suspend-BitLocker -RebootCount 1 | Out-Null
    CMTraceLog -Message “Suspended BitLocker RebootCount 1” -Component “Preparation” -Type 1
    Write-Host “Suspended BitLocker RebootCount 1” -ForegroundColor Green
    } #Try
    Catch {
    CMTraceLog -Message “Failed to suspend BitLocker. Exit script.” -Component “Preparation” -Type 3
    Write-Host “Suspended BitLocker RebootCount 1” -ForegroundColor Red
    } #Catch
    } #Try
    Catch {
    CMTraceLog -Message “Failed to get BitLocker ProtectionStatus. Exit script.” -Component “Preparation” -Type 3
    Write-Host “Failed to get BitLocker ProtectionStatus. Exit script.” -ForegroundColor Red
    } #Catch
    } #If

    And you can encode your “password.bin” file with base64 and add the following parameter
    So you are able to update BIOS with password set.

    to use the script behind a proxy.

    I hope this helps, too.


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