Run Script -> Run Windows Update

So you want to run Windows Update with PowerShell? Heck yes you do! And once you do, it’s only one more step to make it a Run Script!

Script on GitHub: Run-WindowsUpdates.ps1

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So here is just running the PowerShell. Default provides list of available updates:

Adding some Parameters allows you to Install & Reboot if you want

Adding to a Run Script might not be the best idea in the world, but sometimes you make due with the tools you have [Access to].

Running the Defaults (as shown above), you can see several updates that are available, the return is pretty quick. Now when I re-run with Updates Enabled, it will take quite a bit longer to download and install. I’ll also trigger the CM Restart

For the Variables, I create LISTs with the two Options of TRUE & FALSE with FALSE as the first option in the list making it the default

So after I triggered the Script, it took a VERY long time. 20+ minutes. You can see from the results below that it downloaded the 4 updates and then applied them. They required a reboot, so it ran the CM Restart Function since I set that to True. If I had left it false, it would have just installed the updates without triggering any reboot.

On my endpoint, It did get the Reboot Notification, and it is in the Tray


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