Run Scripts -> Get-HPSoftPaq

Need to deploy an HP Driver / Software to a device(s)? HPCMSL has the command-let Get-SoftPaq that will download an HP Softpaq and either extract or install (silently).

Run Script on GitHub: Get-HPSoftPaq.ps1

This script will do the pre-reqs to install HPCMSL via the PowerShell Gallery then install the SoftPaq that you pass into the Variable. I’ve also made it so it can trigger the CM Restart Process, or just reboot right away.

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Test: Install SP111438 to some EliteBook 840 G3 devices. A few devices didn’t like the script and will need to be looked at in more detail, but many installed fine.

There is no confirmation that it installed properly, only that it triggered the installation. You’d have to check the logs or version of driver / software that you pushed to confirm success.


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