Run Scripts -> Get-HPSoftPaq

Need to deploy an HP Driver / Software to a device(s)? HPCMSL has the command-let Get-SoftPaq that will download an HP Softpaq and either extract or install (silently). Run Script on GitHub: Get-HPSoftPaq.ps1 This script will do the pre-reqs to install HPCMSL via the PowerShell Gallery then install the SoftPaq that you pass into the ... Read more

Run Scripts -> Run-HPIA

If you have HP Devices (and you should), you probably have used HPIA. HPIA is a tool that will scan your computer for updates and other recommendations and apply them (and it will do a lot more). This tool has extensive command line parameters, which I like. Check out the User Guide's Command Line area. ... Read more

Run Script -> Run Windows Update

So you want to run Windows Update with PowerShell? Heck yes you do! And once you do, it's only one more step to make it a Run Script! Script on GitHub: Run-WindowsUpdates.ps1 Related: How To Create List of Variables in Run Scripts So here is just running the PowerShell. Default provides list of available updates: ... Read more