HP Driver Packs Download & CM Import via PowerShell

Update: a few small mods to the Script after a conversation with Nathan from HP. This script will Allow you to Check and Update your HP Drive Packs that you have CM Legacy Packages For.  Email Notification When Complete, because you don’t want to sit around and wait for all this to happen.  Also, not ... Read moreHP Driver Packs Download & CM Import via PowerShell

Finding Task Sequences referenced by Applications or Packages

First off, Thanks to Adam for getting me 80% of the way there: https://www.asquaredozen.com/2019/02/04/finding-configmgr-task-sequences-with-invalid-references/ But I wanted to find the Task Sequences that referenced a specific Application. So in my case, I want to Delete Google Chrome, no point with the New Edge, right? Lets find those TS references: First we need to grab the ... Read moreFinding Task Sequences referenced by Applications or Packages

WaaS IPU – OSUninstall Module

This pertains to CM 1902 and older, and when upgrading from Windows 10 1709.  It might still pertain to future releases, as I've made Microsoft Aware, and they have confirmed the issues created during a rollback and os uninstall.  So hopefully in the future, much of this will no longer be needed, other than our ... Read moreWaaS IPU – OSUninstall Module

WaaS IPU - Rollback Recovery Module

So This Post is going to cover the Rollback Recovery Modules that plug into the In Place Upgrade TS.  There are three parts of the process, two Task Sequences parts, and a scheduled task with powershell scripts. For more info about Roll Back, check out my previous post: Automated Client Recovery from Rollback or OS ... Read moreWaaS IPU - Rollback Recovery Module

Driver Pack Mapping and Pre-Cache

Update 2019/09/14 - This has been Updated. The way outlined in this post "works", but it doesn't allow the Package Version of the content to be saved to the CCM Cache,  If you look up the version, it will say "Version 0".  While this "works", if you update your driver pack and bump the version ... Read moreDriver Pack Mapping and Pre-Cache