KB5025885: Dealing with CVE-2023-24932 for your ConfigMgr boot images.

Update 9/19/23. Updated ADK Released! https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/get-started/adk-install#download-the-adk-for-windows-11-version-22h2-updated-september-2023 I recently wrote a post for how to apply the remediation in Windows after the May updates, this post now goes on to cover how to update your ADK Winpe.wim file then reload your CM Media to allow it to continue to boot. (ADK = Win11 22H2) References: High ... Read more

KB5025885: Dealing with CVE-2023-24932 via Proactive Remediation & Configuration Items

Required Reading: KB5025885: How to manage the Windows Boot Manager revocations for Secure Boot changes associated with CVE-2023-24932 - Microsoft Support Related: KB5025885: Dealing with CVE-2023-24932 for your ConfigMgr boot images. TLDR: GitHub: garytown/ConfigMgr/Baselines/CVE-2023-24932 Disclaimer: Before continuing, I've created all of this in a very short time with VERY LITTLE testing, so please, as with ... Read more

Gathering Battery Information via PowerShell & WMI

TLDR: GitHub Script: garytown/BatteryInfo.ps1 If you have an HP Device, there is a nifty utility called HP Power Manager, in which it tells you the health and status of your battery. Related Posts: This is pretty useful, but sometimes you need to access this information via PowerShell or WMI for scripting or Inventory. I'm going ... Read more