HP Image Assistant - Locking in Update Versions with Reference Files

So you want to deploy updated drivers to devices, good. You want to "Lock in" a set of updates and ensure that through your deployment rings, you're deploying the same versions, makes sense. Creating HP Image Assistant Reference files for your models make this possible to ensure you are deploying the same updated versions throughout ... Read more

Run Scripts -> Get-HPSoftPaq

Need to deploy an HP Driver / Software to a device(s)? HPCMSL has the command-let Get-SoftPaq that will download an HP Softpaq and either extract or install (silently). Run Script on GitHub: Get-HPSoftPaq.ps1 This script will do the pre-reqs to install HPCMSL via the PowerShell Gallery then install the SoftPaq that you pass into the ... Read more

Run Scripts -> Run-HPIA

If you have HP Devices (and you should), you probably have used HPIA. HPIA is a tool that will scan your computer for updates and other recommendations and apply them (and it will do a lot more). This tool has extensive command line parameters, which I like. Check out the User Guide's Command Line area. ... Read more

Run Script -> Run Windows Update

So you want to run Windows Update with PowerShell? Heck yes you do! And once you do, it's only one more step to make it a Run Script! Script on GitHub: Run-WindowsUpdates.ps1 Related: How To Create List of Variables in Run Scripts So here is just running the PowerShell. Default provides list of available updates: ... Read more