ConfigMgr Inventory SystemSKUNumber, Product & BIOSVersion for Device Mapping

TLDR: Add Custom WMI Class MS_SystemInformation, and grab it from there. Related Content: Adding to Your Hardware Inventory - Recast Software (Adding Product into Inventory which is used by HP) Why? I use SystemSKUNumber for Driver Pack matching on Dell Systems similar to how I use Product for HP devices. Having this information in your ... Read more

Secure Wipe with SDELETE revisited

So many years ago I blogged about using sdelete to run a secure wipe task task squence. Secure Wipe with logging using ConfigMgr Task Sequence – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog Since then, I've updated it a bit, and I'm reposting and uploading the Task Sequence. There are no packages associated with it, all content it needs ... Read more

KB5025885: Dealing with CVE-2023-24932 via Proactive Remediation & Configuration Items

Required Reading: KB5025885: How to manage the Windows Boot Manager revocations for Secure Boot changes associated with CVE-2023-24932 - Microsoft Support Related: KB5025885: Dealing with CVE-2023-24932 for your ConfigMgr boot images. TLDR: GitHub: garytown/ConfigMgr/Baselines/CVE-2023-24932 Disclaimer: Before continuing, I've created all of this in a very short time with VERY LITTLE testing, so please, as with ... Read more