Task Sequence Troubleshooting – Log Gather

TLDR Script used to gather important logs and information during OSD for Troubleshooting:GitHub: garytown/OSD/OSDLogGather.ps1 at master NOTE, use this for troubleshooting only, don’t run on every device. This does capture sensitive information you would not want to leave on a device after deployment. I was recently assisting someone who was having issues with domain join. … Read more

HP Dock ConfigMgr Global Condition

This post I’m going to cover creating a Global Condition to detect if HP Docks are connected to a Windows Device. This will make targeting the HP Dock Update Application possible, which I’ll cover in the next post. TLDR: Global Condition on GitHub: ConfigMgr_HPDock_GlobalCondition.ps1 I’m going to assume you already know about Global Conditions and … Read more