OSD Builder in a Task Sequence

Why would you do this? OSD Builder is completely capable of automation, creating scripts that can do all of this, and run via scheduled tasks. So why shoe horn it into a Task Sequence? Task Sequences are very comforting to me. They are powerful, have amazing amounts of flexibility, they manage the flow of content, … Read more

BITS Download – from HTTP (DP) – BranchCache

BranchCache, it’s wonderful. To see some tests and more info, check out this post from Mike Terrill. This post is a bit of an overview of BranchCache, then a script I’m using to trigger downloads of content using PowerShell to populate content into BranchCache from a DP (outside of CM). The idea behind this script … Read more

Windows 10 Upgrade – Custom Action Scripts

Updated and More Detailed Page here: Windows Upgrade Custom Action Scripts (recastsoftware.com) Custom Action Scripts were new in Windows 10 1803. My Buddy Adam wrote up a great overview, so I’m not going to replicate that hard work, please check it out at his Blog.Also, this is going to cover the SetupRollback.cmd file CM uses … Read more

HP CMSL – ConfigMgr CIs

Update 2023.03.08 – Updated the CI’s for Updating PowerShellGet & PackageManagement Modules. – Replace what is in the post with these two: Updated 2020.04.20 – Added CI’s to support HPCMSL PowerShell Module from Gallery. – More Info at Bottom. [GITHUB LINK] Updated 2019.12.25 – More Examples at bottom… because it’s Christmas, and I just enjoy … Read more

Run Scripts – CCM Cache Report

This Script will grab information about the items in your CCM Cache. What this script does Sets Cache Size to 25GB if not 25GB (Feel free to modify) Deletes Duplicate Content, leaving only the latest version of that content Reports Software Updates (Count) Software Update Name Software Update Status (Missing / Installed) Software Update Cache … Read more