WaaS PreAssessment & PreFlight using Config Items

First off, Why CIs?  Because they are easy to maintain, allow us to use them for both PreAssessment & PreFlight.  If you’re asking what those are, please stop and go here: https://miketerrill.net/2019/01/01/windows-as-a-service-in-the-enterprise-table-of-contents/, then read the blog post: Windows as a Service in the Enterprise Overview Part 1. Now that you understand the process… Here is … Read more

WaaS 1809 TS Collection (1909 tested)

Update 2019.12.02 – Minor updates to the TS and Scripts.  Variables changed for 1909 and confirmed fine. – Check out more info HERE OK, because I don’t have time to explain everything right now, but I know some people are eager to play with what they saw at MMS… here is the download. For Documentation … Read more

Launch Application in Task Sequence in OS (ServiceUI)

Just another quick post, mostly for my own future reference so I remember how I did this… Similar Posts but different enough Pause a Task Sequence: https://garytown.com/task-sequence-message-pause-with-no-package Launch Application in TS (WinPE) : https://garytown.com/launch-application-during-ts This is different because I’m doing it during it while in Windows, like testing IPU. This will launch the program of … Read more

Windows Splash Screen for the Task Sequence Progress

Lets face it, the Task Sequence progress bar is dated.  Does it work and serve a purpose, yes, does it look like Windows 98, heck yeah. Picture credit: Adam Gross As part of my quest to modernize it, I first google, found a couple good options: OneVinn: https://ccmexec.com/2018/09/onevinn-windows-10-upgrade-tools-upgbackground/ SMSAgent: https://smsagent.blog/2018/08/21/create-a-custom-splash-screen-for-a-windows-10-in-place-upgrade/ I based it on Option … Read more