Gather User Account Name during IPU

This came about because we wanted to confirm the user account that initiated the upgrade in software center.  This script will then capture that information into a TS Variable, and can then be written to Registry / WMI using our collect information script that runs.  Both the Script and the Step in the TS have ... Read more Gather User Account Name during IPU

Windows 10 RollBack... I mean OSUninstall

USERVOICE to have this function properly natively - Please upvote : OSUninstall - Make ConfigMgr Aware of going back to previous builds Update: 2019.02.01 - Added Manual Fix for someone who did OSUninstall and CM Client is "hosed"... at bottom. This is a topic I have found almost no documentation or blog posts on the ... Read more Windows 10 RollBack... I mean OSUninstall

Task Sequence Variables

Update 2018.12.24 - Johan Schrewelius has updated the gather.ps1 script on Technet .He has added several more variables, including the ones I was still needing to completely move away from MDT.  I’ve updated the screen captures to included the additional variables. ---- Recently at MMS Desert Edition, I was talking with Jörgen Nilsson ( and ... Read more Task Sequence Variables