Dell BIOS Download and Update CM Package

This Script connects to your ConfigMgr then compares the list of BIOS Updates to what Dell has available. Note, there are some other great tools like the Driver Automation Tool, but those didn’t fit my needs and I wanted to fully automate this with scheduled tasks.  We also had issues using the tool in our … Read more

Update HP BIOS using PowerShell and Internet Connection

Update 2023.04.25 – If you’re wanting to Update your HP BIOS, and you have Intune, I’d recommend looking at HP Connect. If you’re still looking for your own scripting solution, I’d look at this updated Post: Auto Updates of your BIOS & Drivers with HPIA, HPCMSL, HP Connect – GARYTOWN ConfigMgr Blog Update 2020.11.17 – … Read more

Create HP BIOS Repository using PowerShell

First off, I love SCConfigMgr Driver / BIOS download tool, super powerful and fully featured. Sometimes you just want a lightweight script to run that will do a specific task over and over. Using the HP Client Management Script Library, Documentation HERE, I’ve created a simple Script that will go through a list of models … Read more

Dell Command Update via Task Sequence

Updating BIOS & Drivers using a Task Sequence, OSD, IPU, Stand alone. Why DCU (Dell Command Update)?  Why not driver packages?  First off, this solution isn’t right for some, and frankly is a horrible solution in many environments, but for others, it can be a life saver.  If you don’t have time to keep all … Read more