Task Sequence Message / Pause with No Package

I’ve created messages and pauses a couple of ways, a “fancy” way with content, based on Niehaus’s blog, and a simple way just using notepad with no content, which is really handy during times you don’t want (or not able) to pull down content yet.  Nash (@kidmystic) would say to use PowerShell (example at bottom), … Read more

Dell Bios Upgrade in OSD WinPE x64

Update 3/17 – Update a couple sections to fix Bug in Script with assistance from the Dell BIOS Dev team. Uploaded the TS Export of this section. Download HERE:  3/24 – Removed all of the Bios Files and Update Utility to comply with Dell’s EULA. Task Sequence Export HERE – You can import this into … Read more

Enable Mouse Support in Win10 OSD during State Restore.

*Updated to allow Mouse Support directly following Apply OS step by adding keys offline. Create Group and place directly after the “Apply Operating System” Step (In my example, I have it also removing the mixed reality portal, which you can find info here) Step 1: Load Offline Registry reg load HKLM\Offline c:\windows\system32\config\software Step 2: Add … Read more

Windows 10 Creator Update–Disable Edge Button in IE

UPDATE 3/6 – I’ve updated to Insider Build 15048, and this no longer works to remove that annoying icon.  Hopefully once Creator Edition is finalized, they will have this ability again to remove that icon either via Registry or GPO.   In IE, after upgrading to Creator Edition Insider Preview, I noticed a new Edge … Read more