HP Sure Recover Custom Setup – Part 4 – Azure Blob Storage Setup

So you’ve created your agent, OSImage, manifests and signature files, now you need a place for Sure Recover to get them from. You can use your own IIS server or FTP server, for my initial testing, I used IIS on my ConfigMgr DP server, and it worked fine, but I wanted something in the cloud that was easy to setup and cheap to run…. Azure Blob Storage.

You’ll have to make it public, and disable secure transfer, so make sure there is nothing private inside your agent or osimage files.

In your Azure Portal, in the resource group you plan to use (I created a new one called “OSDCloud”), create a new storage account. I went with the lowest cost storage I could use, since I don’t plan to pull down images too often… “Standard, Locally Redundant storage”

Under Advanced, leave the defaults but uncheck “Require secure transfer..”

Everything else you can leave defaulted. I did disable soft delete. I then reviewed and created:

Inside, I created a container called “public” since this will be completely public, just seemed logical.

Once you have the storage, you’ll need to upload the SRAgent folder and OSImages folder, I like to leverage the Azure Storage Explorer, I find that just makes it much easier.

Now that you have your content in Azure, you’ll want to take note of the URLs so you can use those in the payload files.

Agent URL

That will return: https://hpsr.blob.core.windows.net/public/SRAgent/recovery.mft

For the agent URL, you’ll want to change https to http and remove recovery.mft, leaving you with: http://hpsr.blob.core.windows.net/public/SRAgent


That will return: https://hpsr.blob.core.windows.net/public/OSImages/Win10/Custom.mft

For the OSImage URL, you’ll just want to change https to http, leaving you with: http://hpsr.blob.core.windows.net/public/OSImages/Win10/Custom.mft

Next, we’ll use those URLs to make our payload file. You’ll update your script with those URLs

  1. Overview
  2. HP Connect – Create 2 of the needed certificates.
  3. Certs, Manifests & Signatures
  4. Azure Blob Storage Container to host your Agent & OS Images
  5. Creating your HP Secure Platform Payload files
  6. Deploy Payload Files


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