Enable Mouse Support in Win10 OSD during State Restore.

*Updated to allow Mouse Support directly following Apply OS step by adding keys offline.
Create Group and place directly after the "Apply Operating System" Step (In my example, I have it also removing the mixed reality portal, which you can find info here)

Or, in a single Step, no need to create a group, just a single Run Command Line:


Now, as soon as the system reboots into the OS, During the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager Step, you'll have mouse support.
This method will spare you one additional reboot.


Original Post:

I’ve been annoyed not having mouse support in Windows 10 OSD, TS Fails, I hit F8, then it’s all trying to navigate with keyboard commands.  I finally ran across a fix to enable mouse support during this stage of OSD.

Thanks MDT Facebook group for this, and a Dell Engineer Elliot who pointed me to a Dell white paper HERE

Towards the end is this little nugget:

I added that to my TS:

Now when I open F8 / CMTrace, I have mouse control!

At the end of the TS, I have a step to undo the change and set it back to the original setting of “1”

Note: The mouse does NOT show up in the black areas of the setup screen, it has to be over a application window (CMD, Notepad, CMtrace, etc).  Once you move it outside of the window, it disappears again until you wiggle it back above a window. Recommend maximize your active window. Smile


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  1. Thanks Gary. This bug has been a real issue for our techs trying to get to log files. As a matter of fact just this afternoon I was having to use net use to send the log files out.


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