Windows 10–Disable Lock Screen Tool Tips

This only came up recently as I’ve been exploring removing the Ctrl+Alt+Del requirement for logon.  I’ve disabled it on a few test machines.  Then I noticed in the upper right corner of my lock screen little messages, I could click on it, but nothing would happen.  Once I logged in, IE would launch w/ a … Read more

OneDrive Disable / Hide in Windows 10

OneDrive, if you’re not using it, it’s just another annoying thing in Windows 10.  If you’re able to use it, awesome.  But for those environments that want it gone, here is how I’ve removed it from our environment.  I’m using several methods to attack this thing to drive it into submission. Update – 9/19/16 – … Read more

Pin Items to TaskBar during OSD in Windows 10 (1511)

Updated Method for 1607  HERE, this method below still works, but Nickolaj goes through the new built in export / import method available in 1607.   This one took me a little while.  The hard one was Internet Explorer, which I had to do completely differently than the others. In this post I’ll give two … Read more