Add Application to AppPath Using PowerShell

Thanks Jeff Scripter for this nugget: @JeffTheScripter

Why do this?  Because I want to press WindowsKey+R and type in the application and have it launch.  I don’t want to have to search the start menu, or the drive if there is no start menu shortcut.  I just want it to be in the path so it will launch in any context when I type the name.

For my Example, I’m going to use CMTrace, since I use it a ton, and when I type it in, and it doesn’t launch, I find it annoying that I have to type the pull path (c:\windows\ccm\cmtrace.exe)


Now also shows up when you search

What does it look like in the Registry?



If you want to add to your OSD or IPU TS so moving forward it’s there:
Run PowerShell Step:






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