ConfigMgr Client Provisioning Mode

Update 8/14/2019 – SEE MORE INFO AT BOTTOM… – MS created official Docs for Prov Mode & 1902 pulls machines out of Prov Mode automatically after 48 hours – Docs HERE

Update 8/3/2018 – With ConfigMgr 1806, The client no longer goes into Provisioning Mode if you run a Compatibility Scan.  Confirmed in my lab!

Update 3/15/2018 – Ran several more tests to learn what actions are available to run during Provisioning mode.  Scroll to bottom for updates.

Original Post:

I’ve been doing a lot of testing with Provisioning Mode.  I needed to know what was going on when a system was in provisioning mode.

Quick Overview of what works and what is difference. (As I continue testing, I’ll continue to update this list)

  1. Works Normally
    1. Software Center
      1. Lists all Deployments available & required it knew about before entering provisioning mode
      2. Can Install any of those by clicking “Install”
    2. ConfigMgr Control Panel
      1. You can still trigger actions, or change cache size
        1. By Triggering Actions, you can get deployments to install if they are past deadline
  2. Differences
    1. Policy doesn’t update Automatically
    2. Does NOT report to CM (Inventory)
    3. Does NOT run Required Deployments automatically once deadline hits.

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