ConfigMgr Delete CCM & Nomad Cached Items

Updated 2018.05.31 to include script to Remove all software Updates from Nomad Cache.
Updated 2018.01.29 to include script to clean Nomad based on Content ID.

The CCMCache is pretty good at taking care of itself, but perhaps you have a reason to delete something specific, how do you do that in a supported way?

I have two scripts below, one that will just blow away ALL Software Updates in the cache, thoughts behind this, software updates should be installed within a couple weeks of being cached, after that, they are useless and never needed again, the other reason, if I’m upgrading to a new Windows 10 Build, I don’t need any of those old Windows 10 Software Updates in my cache anymore. (yes, you probably have others in there from office, etc, but hopefully you’ve installed them already, I admit, this isn’t for everyone) Script Name:

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