Send Text and Email to User from Task Sequence

Bonus: Learn to use Gmails SMTP service.

Updated 1/31/2019 – Updated Script to work independently of XAML Form, you can use the last script to send text / email by running the script and using arguments: SendTextEmail.ps1 -UserEmail -UserCell 6512015555 -UserCellProvider Verizon

Updated 3/6/2018 – added auto close feature, so if user ignores the window, it will auto close allowing the TS to continue. (Updated the 3rd Form image below to reflect the change)

Or if some of you awesome PowerShell guys want to make my code pretty and add that feature…  🙂

As I try to improve the user experience for in-place upgrades, notifications came to mind, and how to incorporate that into the process.  Using the TS variable _SMSTSUserStarted = true, I launch a powershell driven “front end” to collect the user’s email, cell number & provider, then use that to notify user when process is complete.

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