HP Dock WMI Provider Deployment & Inventory with ConfigMgr

This Post will cover:

  • Deploy the HP Dock WMI Provider EXE via ConfigMgr
  • Add the new WMI Class to ConfigMgr Inventory
  • Quering the device in WMI to get information.

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If you have HP Docks, then this WMI Provider can help you manage them. You can grab the WMI Provider from one of the Dock Firmware Update Softpaqs… as example, the: HP Thunderbolt Dock.
HP Thunderbolt Dock 120W G4 Software and Driver Downloads

Source File

I was notified you can get the WMI Provider directly from this page, no need to grab a Firmware from a Dock (which keeps a copy in the Manageability folder). I’ve updated the post 23.04.20 with the updated WMI Provider Setup file, version 1.2.1

Client Management Solutions – HP Downloads | HP® Official Site

Grab the setup.exe and place it into your CM Source Folder:

ConfigMgr App

App’s Deployment Type

Here is a summary of the settings, the corrisponding images are pasted lower in the post.

  • Deployment Type: Script
  • Name: HP WMI Provider
  • Content Location: \\src\src$\Apps\HP\Docks\WMIProvider\1.2.0\ (Where you stored your source files)
  • Programs:
    • Install: “HPDockWMIProvider.exe” /S /v/qn
    • msiexec /x {53447511-F496-4CCD-B6A2-155DEA4FDC15} /q (or don’t use)
    • Detection: MSI
      • Code: {53447511-F496-4CCD-B6A2-155DEA4FDC15}
      • MSIProperty: Version
      • Operator: Equals
      • Value: 1.2.1
  • User Experience: Install for System | Whether or not a user is logged on | Hidden | Defaults
  • Everything else: Defaults

Now that you have your app, go ahead and deploy it to fleet, anything you might have a dock on. You can use global conditions to limit them to Laptops, or deploy to a Laptop collection.

ConfigMgr Hardware Inventory

Open your Default Settings -> Hardware Inventory Tab -> Set Classes Button -> Add… Button

Click Connect – Use a computer that you installed the WMI Provider on, and WMI Namespace

  • Computer Name: Your Test Device
  • namespace: ROOT\HP\InstrumentedServices\v1
  • Check Box for Recursive & Connect

Check the box for HP_DockAccessory & Click OK

Here is where you can leave it defaulted if you want all of your devices to gather this information, or you can uncheck the box and only have your HP devices gather the information using another Client Setting. For this example, I’m going to only deploy them to HP devices, so I’m going to uncheck everything here. Perhaps you have a Laptop only Client Setting Policy, that would be a good place to add it.

Click OK, and OK to close out the Client Settings. Then open the Client Settings in which you wish to add the Dock inventory, and add it there, for my example, I’m adding it into my HP Devices client settings policy.

WMI Explorer

NOTE, you must launch as Administrator to see access this Class.


$namespace = "ROOT\HP\InstrumentedServices\v1"
$classname = "HP_DockAccessory"
Get-WmiObject -Class $classname -Namespace $namespace

With that PowerShell code, if you’re uploading information into Log Analytics using this slick method: Enhance Intune Inventory data with Proactive Remediations and Log Analytics – MSEndpointMgr, you could update that script to capture your dock information as well.


With this information, you should now be able to inventory your HP Docks that support the WMI Provider. List taken from: HP White Paper: HP_Firmware_Installer_for_Docks_L33010-004.pdf

  • Supported:
    • HP Thunderbolt Dock G4 – Manual
    • HP USB-C Dock G5 – Manual
    • HP USB-C Universal Dock G2 – Manual
    • HP E24d G4 FHD Docking Monitor & HP E27d G4 QHD Docking Monitor – Manual
  • NOT Supported
    • HP Thunderbolt Dock G2
    • HP Essential Dock G5
    • HP USB-C Dock G4


11 thoughts on “HP Dock WMI Provider Deployment & Inventory with ConfigMgr”

  1. Hello,

    I can’t to connect with the WMI namespace “ROOT\HP\InstrumentedServices\v1”.

    I have “Access denied” message.

    Thank you.

  2. I had to open wmi explorer as system to access the class. Did not work as a local admin.
    Also for now not able to access those classes from the console. Will have to take a look at Remote WMI. My issue at the moment is that i do not see any Instances in the HP_DockAccessory class. Did i miss a step?
    Thank you.

    • There will only be an instance if a dock that supports the WMI Provider is connected.
      If the dock is removed, the instance is removed.


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