Dell Driver Pack Download and Update CM Package

<Copy from last Post> This Script connects to your ConfigMgr then compares the list of BIOS Driver Cabs to what Dell has available. Note, there are some other great tools like the Driver Automation Tool, but those didn’t fit my needs and I wanted to fully automate this with scheduled tasks.  We also had issues using the tool in our network due to our proxy servers, so I wrote my own.

This tool will download the Cabs, Expand them, and Update the Package Info (Does NOT create the CM Packages)

Build your list of Dell Models, Let it know the Package Number, then the script will do the rest.  I also have this script send me an email, you’ll need to update it to fit your needs.

Your List of Dell Models & the associated Package ID:

</Copy from last Post>
You should read this first (last Post):

What it looks like in the Console after you’ve run script.. (ignore the BIOS references)

image-5.png (1024×382)

Folder Structure it Creates:

The .CAB file will be located in the Driver Cab Folder


It then Extracts the Cab into a folder called “Windows10-VERSION”


The CMPackage Source is set to the x64 folder as shown above.


It also sets all of this wonderful information:

Email Alert:


Script Code:


I was asked if this could be done with traditional Driver Packages... yes, yes you can...

It's not quite the same, the commands would be different.. Instead of making Legacy Packages to hold the Extracted Content, you'd create Driver Packages, then run the PowerShell commands to Import the extracted drivers into the Driver Pack. You'd need to do something like
$CMDriverPack = Get-CMDriverPackage -id "PS20009B"
Import-CMDriver -UncFileLocation "\\src\src$\OSD\Drivers\Dell\Latitude 5290\Windows10-A07\5290\win10\x64" -ImportFolder -DriverPackage $CMDriverPack
You could then get fancy and apply the Version to the CMDriverPack
Set-CMDriverPackage -inputobject $CMDriverPack -version $DellVersion

Doing just one driver pack took a very long time to do in my lab. (which is actually pretty slow, so hopefully it won't take as long for you) but still



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