Windows SafeGuard Hold ID Lookup – Crowd sourced

Hey Team, I’m working on building out a safeguard hold database to easy lookup safeguard hold IDs. Currently I’ve scratched together 100 safeguard hold ids with information.

What is a Safe Guard hold? Microsoft uses quality and compatibility data to identify issues that might cause a Windows client feature update to fail or roll back. When we find such an issue, we might apply safeguard holds to the updating service to prevent affected devices from installing the update in order to safeguard them from these experiences. 

Where can you find the Safe Guard Hold on your device? The Registry! HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\TargetVersionUpgradeExperienceIndicators

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Between those posts, you will get a great overview of looking up Safeguard hold data and how to lookup your devices blocks.

My “database” was built based on Adam’s work in FU.WhyAmIBlocked PowerShell Module

I took Adam’s recent script and feed a ton of information I pulled from endpoints using CMPivot to build out a start of a database for doing lookups. You can see my script here on GitHub.

Snip of the script the builds the database

CMPivot Query from Adam: [Part of Script on GitHub] to gather the information I used to build that table that the script ran against.

CMPivot Query from Adam: [Part of Script on GitHub]

What I was left with was 100 blockers for my “database” in JSON format posted on GitHub.

Sample from JSON “Database”

To lookup your Safe Guard hold idea, you can run a simple script: [GitHub]

Information in the “Database” includes the Name of the safe guard hold, the ID, how it is detected, along with the Windows Builds that are impacted (that you’re trying to upgrade to).

If you are able to get additional URLs & Versions (using Adam’s CMPivot script as shown above) that I don’t have in the script to gather more Safe Guard Hold IDs, please send them over, so I can continue to expand the database, or feel free to do a pull request.

Thanks a ton to SMSAgent & Adam Gross for all their hard work and community submissions.


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