So whats up with GARYTOWN, where you been?

Hey Everyone, sorry I haven't had time to do any blogging lately.  I recently transitioned from my position at the State of MN, and started working at Wells Fargo, where I have the privilege of working with several amazing people on a daily basis, like Mike Terrill & Keith Garner.  There are several others there too that I have the privilege of working with occasionally, and to be honest, it's quite overwhelming the amount of talent Wells Fargo has on staff, and I feel honored to be in their ranks.

I no longer have access to the same plethora of equipment, and many of the solutions I've worked on at a smaller / medium business don't scale up well to the size of Wells Fargo.  I used to be under the mindset of getting out of the Management Business, let the vendor tools automatically do the work for you, give up control of the little things (BIOS updates, Drivers installs and updates, Windows updates, 3rd Party software auto updates, etc) to focus on the big things. (Windows as a Service, keeping environment updated, implementing new tech).  However in an environment like this, we need complete control at all times over every little detail.  As I try to change paradigms of workstation management, I'm unsure how that will effect my blog.  Not having access to the same resources as before I'm sure will impact my writing, as well as many of the things just aren't in my new job responsibilities, so I won't be working with them on a daily basis any longer.

As I find time between work, being the best husband I can be, parenting 5 children under the age of 9, being active in our local church community, and assisting with Home Schooling responsibilities at home and in our Co-Op, I'm planning to build out a lab at home, and hopefully get my hands on some Dell equipment. It's been a pleasure contributing to the community, and hopefully I'll be more active again soon, but for at least the immediate future, I hope you find my website valuable, and look forward to chatting on Twitter.


Gary Blok

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